Apex Legends: Season 6 Previews New Hero & Map Changes

apex-legends season 6 gameplay

A new trailer just got released and we are shown many new upcoming features.

A new Volt SMG is seen in the trailer and according to respawn: it “packs a punch“.

Rampart looks stunning and carries a huge turret gun (Sheila) with her. Rampart looks like an amazing squad leader as well due to her ability to set up turret-equipped shields.

A revamped World’s Edge, featuring new pathways, rocket launch sites, and listening to community feedback more play on the lava side is provided along with a new map mechanic promoting new combat scenarios is upcoming.

Now there is something similar to Minecraft where orange capsule-like replicators will be used in helping you to craft new weapons, armor, and other items.

Sounds interesting? Don’t forget to have a squad member watching for enemies as these locations are going to be popular.

Apex Legends: Season 6 Previews New Hero & Map Changes

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