Unreal Buckingham Palace in Microsoft Flight Simulator


Should we call it unreal or weird-looking?

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s version of Buckingham Palace doesn’t match with the real one in any way.

Games try to bring themselves as close to reality as possible, but in this attempt, they have completely failed. It was hard to compare it even for us in the first place.

Now, there are reasons why this happens. This world is too huge with all its details for Microsoft to fit in limited file size, and simulating at altitude is even more resource-intensive that makes achieving exactly real looking assets difficult. Generic assets are most likely to be used in such cases.

Creators have previously been sued in attempts to copying historical places that might have pushed Microsoft back to attempt this. This has linked issues with it like National Security that restricts games to show exact data.



Unreal Buckingham Palace in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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