Fortnite Cars: Where to find them? & How to drive them?

fortnite cars

Fortnite cars have released and you still can’t find them? Fortnite cars are indeed one of the most anticipated updates.

Firstly, there are many around you in locations like Salty Springs, Holly Hedges, Catty-Corner, Dirty Rocks, and literally any other place. Secondly, this doesn’t include the fixed ones with a wheel clamp attached.

Driving them is super simple, come near them, interact to hop in. Your car will travel in the direction your camera is facing, and pushing up and down on the left stick causes acceleration and braking along with the pad triggers. Use the left and right stick to steer.

Additionally, you will have 4 different Fortnite cars:

  1. Islander Prevalent
  2. Victory Motors Whiplash
  3. OG Bear
  4. Titano Mudflap

Popular Gas station points include locations like: A5: Holly Hedges, B3: Sweaty Sands, D4: Salty Springs, D2: Pleasant Park, and more.

We hope you like this wholesome bit-sized content. Do share your feedback and Fortnite experiences with us.

Fortnite Cars: Where to find them? & How to drive them?

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