Red Dead: 2 Legendary Coyotes & Much More Got Added


Red Dead Online has now 2 legendary animals roaming its wilds.

Hunt them down now as they are carrying big money and extra XP.

The Legendary Red Streak Coyote can be found near Pike’s Basin (the cliffs and on the canyon’s floor) and Legendary Yellow-eyed, Black fur Midnight Paw Coyote can be found near southeast of Strawberry.

They can be turned into coats by taking the pelts of each animal to Gus’ Trapper Store if you want to shock people. Coats made before Aug 18 will have another for free too.

Jump into playing Red Dead Redemption 2 if you want to start earning some cash as there are discounts on bounty hunter and trader outfits, weapon skins, weapons, and wagons.

More offers and bonuses include a horse for killing each legendary animal in Harriet’s Sighting Missions. 50% bonus payouts on bounty hunts can be earned too.

Some sad news includes Lazlow Jones (a long time writer) leaving Rockstar that worked on Red Dead Series and also for Grand Theft Auto series.

Red Dead: 2 Legendary Coyotes & Much More Got Added

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